Opinion: In Favor of Uniforms

Diane Cannon, Writer

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For many decades, schools have become more about the latest clothing than education. Uniforms help students in many different ways. Uniforms are not meant to take away the identity of a student but to create a safer environment, for not only students but the faculty as well. Requiring schools to make uniforms mandatory establishes a better learning environment resulting in improved grades and a safer school.   

Making school uniforms mandatory in all public schools will help improve academic scores. To start, many students do not attend school because they do not have time to pick out their outfit. Uniforms help out with attendance as well. Since kids are at school their grades increase since they are not falling behind in their school work. Lastly, students are well prepared for when they are older because they are used to wearing uniforms and having strict dress codes.  Almost every job requires a uniform or has strict dress codes, and uniforms will help with them get ready for the future.

Lastly, implementing school uniforms decreases crime rate in not just the town but the schools. Schools that implement uniforms are safer because faculty, staff and students can easily identity intruders in the building. Many schools have noticed that crime rates have decreased after the switch to uniforms. Most people are not aware that crime rates include bullying as well. Students who cannot afford the most expensive clothing will not be made fun because everybody will be wearing the same outfit. Unfortunately not all schools purchase uniforms for student, but the good news is uniforms do not have to be expensive, they can simply be particular pants and sweaters. If low-income families still cannot afford uniforms, there are many ways to help them. Families can request financial aid to help pay for the required uniforms.   

Requiring schools to make uniforms mandatory establishes a better learning environment, resulting in improved grades and a safer school. For the many years that uniforms have not been implemented in schools students are not reaching their full potential because they care more about fashion instead of their studies.