Concert Band Wows with 2018 Spring Concert

Alexia Berenger, Writer

In early May, the Cranford High School Concert Band Spring Concert for 2018. It was a night to remember not only for the graduating seniors of the program, but for all. This year, the spring concert featured three various ensembles including the Concert Band, Drum Line, and Jazz Band. The concert band is a class and musical group that features students who are interested in playing wind and brass instruments. The class is open to beginners as well as more experienced players and takes place during first period. The Drum Line is a smaller group of students who play different kinds of drums, cymbals, and percussion. They are head by assistant band director, Daniel Frieri, also well known by the name of “Mongo”. In addition to the concert band and drum line, the band concert featured the jazz band which includes a group of a few select students who work collaboratively together during and after school to play some unique pieces of music.

The program for the concert featured songs of many different styles, beats, and tones ranging from fast-paced to patriotic to touching. The actual selections ranged from classics in the musical world such as “First Suite for Band” by composer Alfred Reed to more know joyful and fun pieces including “Stars and Stripes Forever”. One of the most inspiring and emotional moments of the night when Mr. Chernosky, the band teacher, read off the names of all the seniors and announced where they were going to school next year. It was truly remarkable to see the unique connection Mr. Chernosky has established with each student over the past four years. I personally feel honored to have joined both the marching and concert band this year as I have reunited myself with my love and passion for music. Playing the flute is truly something I enjoy and band has truly taught me some invaluable lessons such as teamwork, dedication, and commitment. I thank Mr. Chernosky for having inviting me into this tight-knit community and feel delighted to continue on with the program next year as well. The seniors will be missed dearly and it is evident the freshman have some huge spots to fill next year!