Team Fortress 2 Still Impresses 10 Years Later


Mikos Panagakos, Writer

Before Fortnite, there was TF2.

Team Fortress 2 came out over 10 years ago and still to this day is one of the most popular Steam games on PC. It is one of my favorite games and it seems like it is top of a lot of other people’s lists as well. TF2 is a first person class based shooter, you choose a character to play as, each with different abilities and weapons. There are nine different classes and a variety of weapons that change the character’s play style, but they accomplish a similar goal. Originally the game costed money, but has shifted to a free to play game. The vast majority of game modes are objective based, so the flow of the game mimics that. The fights between the players is fast paced, but the overall game is slower and almost divided into sections.

What differentiates TF2 over other shooters is the differences between the classes and the roles they play. Newer games like Overwatch also have a variety of classes, but most older games didn’t have much of difference. Each character has different health values, movement speeds, and weapons making them all feel unique. Also affecting their ability in certain game modes. Scouts for example excel in modes where speed is a benefit, but when on the defending team it would be better to have a AOE character. What makes the game great is that even if you get good as a single character branching out allows you to help your team in any situation. Some characters also have a high skill ceiling so there is always something new to learn or improve on.

The reason TF2 is still so popular is the fact that each game is almost guaranteed to be different. While the maps and gamemodes are the same sometimes you will have to adapt to the enemy composition and what your team needs. Maybe one game the enemy has a really good spy so you have to spend more time looking out for him. Other times the enemy has a lot of lower health classes so soldier is better than a heavy. Even though there is no progression in the game each class has such depth that you can spend hundreds of hours and not know everything. TF2 is one of those timeless games that will continue to have a player base for years to come.