America’s Best Fast Food

Emma Scott, Writer

America can easily be considered the Mecca of fast food with about 50,000 different fast food chains across the nation. Considering the prominence and convenience of fast food, it makes sense that about 44 percent of people eat it at least once a week. Although it’s not ideal, there comes a time when we all must eat it, so which is the best? Here we will discover what fast food chain is most worth the calories and most worth your money.  

Five Guys

With a simpler menu, Five Guys focuses on the quality of their burgers and fries, definitely making them the best items on the menu. The chain undoubtedly has the freshest food, as they have no freezers to store meat or produce, forcing all their ingredients to be fresh. Overall the chain promotes a good message and serves good food, yet if you have a peanut allergy you’ll want to avoid the food as it is exclusively cooked in peanut oil.


Famous for its signature Frosty and newly promoted 4 for $4, Wendy’s is a classic American fast food chain. The chain definitely offers great deals, such as a small Frosty for only 50 cents, and customers can really stretch their money for a large amount of food. However, other than the limited time promotions, the food is nothing special or unique but it will still get you full for only $4.


When you’re not in the mood for a burger, Chickfila is the perfect option with their signature chicken sandwich. The founder, Truett Cathy, actually claims to have invented the chicken sandwich. The family owned business prioritizes good food as well as good values, closing all stores on Sundays to give all employees a day without work.


Probably the most iconic and popular fast food chain, McDonalds has been an American classic for decades. While most chains have one clear specialty, McDonalds has essentially equal quality of burgers, chicken sandwiches, breakfast foods, and dessert. Historically, the chain has been known for its burgers, specifically its Big Mac.

Obviously there are countless fast food chains that were not mentioned but here are some of the most notable and also my personal favorites. However, after these comprehensive reviews I still can not determine which to be the best, as they all have different strengths. These four chains cater to four different cravings or moods, so the decision is situational. All artery clogging and delicious, the chains mentioned will definitely satisfy your hunger for just a few dollars.