Inside the CHS Writing Center

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Inside the CHS Writing Center

Maeve Toughey, Writer

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So, your English teacher assigned an essay and you have no idea how to even start it. In years past, this fear, along with many others, meant that you’d have to go see your teacher and hope they would help you to understand. However, that fear can now be easily wiped away with a simple visit to the CHS Writing Center.

You might be asking yourself, what even is the CHS Writing Center? Simply, it’s a peer-to-peer tutoring service that focuses on improving the writing skills of the student. Upperclassmen volunteer as tutors to underclassmen to help them learn and improve writing skills touched upon in the required English classes.

The great thing about the Writing Center is the lack of stress and pressure. There is no need to try and impress a teacher if you don’t know what to do. The peer-to-peer system makes it so that a student who comes in for tutoring feels like they’re talking to a friend. The students who are tutors now know what it was like to be freshmen and sophomore English students, so they are well aware of the struggles that students can go through and are willing to help them.

The CHS Writing Center, opened last year, is located in the library on the third floor. Walk in and hang a left and you’ll see the sign for the Writing Center. The Center is open Monday-Friday during lunch and Tuesday-Thursday before and after school. All the student has to do is sign up for a tutoring session at, and then it’s set. The student has the ability to choose, out of who is available, which tutor they want and what time they want to come in.

The CHS Writing Center has seen much success since opening last year. But don’t just take it from me. Alexa Adubato, a senior tutor at the Writing Center says “The Writing Center is great for helping underclassmen find their writing style and helping them be confident in their work!”. Julia Young, a student who went to the Writing Center says “I really needed help on my essay, going to the Writing Center for help was the best decision I made.” Ms. Conter, one of the supervisors of the Writing Center says “The Writing Center is here for anyone with any skill level at any stage in the writing process. We welcome students here whether they’re just starting their essays or putting on those last final touches.”

So, next time you’re struggling on that five paragraph essay, just drop by the Writing Center. Everyone there is eager to help out, no matter if you don’t know passive voice from active voice or how a thesis statement is structured.

Check out a video about the Writing Center here!