The College Application Process

How to Make Sure You’re Applying to College Correctly

Anna Roberts, Writer

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When applying to college, not only is it hard to get everything done, but it can be difficult to keep track of all the pieces it takes to officially apply. From essays, to transcripts, to FAFSA, it can be confusing keeping track of all the things you need to do. So, this is a quick summary of all the things you need to do when applying to college.

First, add the colleges you’re interested in to naviance and common app. On common app, those colleges should show you their deadlines and requirements. Additionally, most schools require one or two letters of recommendation from teachers that you’ll need to ask for.

Next, you should complete all of the questions on common app and upload your college essay. Each college will then have their own separate questions, usually about alumni or even an extra essay or portfolio. Once all of your questions and essays are completed you’ll need to waive your FERPA rights and connect your common app to naviance. Once that is all finished, you’re ready to apply.

Unless your fees are waived, you’ll then need to pay for your application. After submitting your application, there are still more steps you need to take. First you’ll need to submit a transcript form to your guidance counselor. Then you’ll need to report your SAT and/or ACT scores to your schools. To do this you can go to college board and self report your scores to your specific schools. The final step is to complete your FAFSA account and to check your applications to make sure everything is submitted before the deadlines.