The Next Generation of CHS Musicians


Kristina Kortbaoui, Writer

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is a special day for the CHS Music Department each year. Each year, all members of the high school music department travel to the middle schools, Orange Avenue School, and Hillside Avenue School, each year to give a performance. This concert is extremely important, as it allows soon to be CHS students to catch a glimpse of the countless musical opportunities at the High School.

Joining the orchestra as a freshman, and continuing for 4 years, supplemented my experience at Cranford High School. Before block scheduling, Orchestra was always 1st period, giving me a great opportunity to wake up each morning playing beautiful pieces and preparing for the day in the healthiest way. Now, as the new schedule rotates my Orchestra period, I am able to decompress at varying times in my morning, equally as beneficial to my experience.

I have been playing the violin since 3rd grade, ignoring my brief hiatus to learn the saxophone in 4th grade, however quickly returning for the next 7 years of my life. It is interesting to see the improvement I have made throughout my years, as I have transitioned from Hot Cross Buns and Old Lang Syne to Canon in the D and a countless number of Overtures. Playing the violin has improved senses such as hearing, and sight, as I need to listen and match pitches with the entirety of the orchestra, while also viewing the music ahead while playing.

I find this assembly very meaningful, as I remember in 8th grade, sitting and confirming my decision to continue with orchestra during my high school experience. I believe that each year, this concert confirms the uncertain middle schoolers in the crowd, while maybe also inspiring others to begin practicing an instrument they’ve always wanted to play.

This specific Tuesday, each year, is not only an excuse to get out of school for the day, but also an opportunity for community outreach, and setting positive standards for the incoming freshmen.