Catherine McMullan, Writer

This year’s Turk-A-Teacher contest was a success! This annual tradition raises money for Cranford Family Care; the money raised ultimately goes towards Thanksgiving meals for less fortunate families.  This year, Ms. Yorkanis, Cranford High School Physical Education teacher, received the honor of wearing the turkey costume the day before break.

When recollecting her experience wearing the costume, Ms. Y said, “I absolutely loved wearing the costume and would do it every year if the kids voted to me.”  She felt that the students were able to raise school spirit while also donating to a great cause. Yorkanis did not find the costume gross, but she sanitized it with Lysol just in case.

Cranford High School is celebrating the 6th year of the tradition.  The first year, both Mr. Carroll and Mr. Bell rocked the costume on the days leading up to Thanksgiving break.  Other teachers who have won the costume include Mr. Hurley, Mr. Jala, Ms. Osborne, and Mr. Corazza.

In the weeks leading up to the break, students were able to buy a feather for $1 to attach to a teacher’s photo in the front entrance of the school.  The teacher that got the most feathers was selected to wear the costume.

Mr. Vito is happy to report that the students raised $100 dollars of Cranford Family Care this year!

There are still many teachers who have yet to wear the costume…make sure you vote next year for your favorite teacher!