Bowling Season Review with Jose Calixto

Bryan Cordeiro, Writer

Bowling season expectations were high for the Cranford High School Bowling team. Even though about half of the sign ups did not show for the first day, the team was in a good form and felt ready for the season to come. During pre-season, practices were serious and sometimes just plain fun. The team finished the season with 13 wins and 6 losses, a good conclusion to a hectic season. Almost the entire team received a varsity letter. “We were overjoyed compared to past years. The seniors on the team were happy to leave on a high note in the 18/19 season,” said Jose Calixto, the Cranford Bowling Team Captain.

The team chemistry was very positive and everyone was determined to improve. Even during rough patches, the team always found a way to uplift each other.The varsity team hit over 1000 total pins numerous times during the season, with each player averaging a 200 per match. The team beat #1 ranked team in the county, Linden, by 5-2. Thanks to Coach Feeley and the team’s great form, they reached a high of 4 consecutive wins and made it to the 2nd round of counties, placing in 5th place. The team lost in the second round of counties due to a poor performance. The team lost within 26 minutes; everyone was really upset. Calixto said, “We really expected to go all the way and win the entire thing so it was really unfortunate. Everyone seemed to be unfocused and off their game.”

Early in the year, most underclassmen seemed to be “unfit to fill the role of the graduating varsity team. However as the season progressed, their skills improved and made me feel better about the teams future,”(Jose Calixto).