Seniors Girls Defeat Juniors 47-28


Rachel Westervelt, Writer

Honoring the much-loved tradition, the Junior and Senior girls bundled up in the 40° weather for the annual Powderpuff Football Game, Tuesday, November 22. Between sips of hot chocolate, thanks to the generous donation of the Booster Club, the girls played hard as CHS gym teacher, Ms. Capese, served as the announcer. Motivated by the enthusiastic cheers of their teammates from the sidelines and the few spectators who braved the cold, the Seniors once again defeated the Juniors, for a prize of free hot dogs, another courtesy of the Booster Club. 

The Seniors were proud to continue a legacy of triumph over the Juniors. One Senior, Gianna Pantastico, shared her thoughts: “I really enjoyed playing this year, and I love how it brought all different female students together!”

 On the other side, one Junior shared that “although the Juniors lost, the game was a lot of fun and it was nice to have something to look forward to during the busy school week leading up to Thanksgiving.” Despite a disappointing loss, the Juniors went home ready to practice harder than ever to secure their own Senior-year victory next year.