Cranford residents celebrate the service of local veterans


Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Rachel Westervelt, Writer

Following the conclusion of WWI, then-President Woodrow Wilson decided that the brave young soldiers who fought for our country deserved to be celebrated. With this intent, Armistice Day was founded. In 1954 the name was changed to Veterans Day to celebrate the veterans of all wars who put their life on the line to fight for us. Thanks to our active VFW and supportive population, there is no shortage of Veterans Day celebrations here in Cranford. 

To kick off the week, the Cranford VFW hosted a Veteran’s Day Breakfast where select students were lucky enough to meet many veterans and hear their stories over scrambled eggs and orange juice served by local scout troops. One veteran, Jim D’arcy, shared a recent experience where a local resident paid for his Dunkin Donuts coffee, thanking him for his service. Many of his fellow veterans agree that they greatly appreciate the numerous ways that Cranford citizens actively express their gratitude, but more than anything they are proud that they could do their part to serve their country and they could make their town proud.

To continue the celebration, D’arcy and two other members of the Cranford VFW came to Cranford High School on Wednesday, November 9, to share their experiences in an assembly with students currently enrolled in United States History II and answer questions prepared by the classes. 

In the incredible assembly, the veterans shared the struggle of leaving behind their families, the heartwarming connections they kept with loved ones back home, and the process of making their decision to serve. Also, they shared the experience of readjusting to life at home after their return and the amazing support they found in the welcoming Cranford VFW where they found people with similar experiences to talk to and relate with.

Cranford High School is very thankful for the powerful experiences the veterans shared and would like to express their gratitude for all that they have done for our country.