CHS’s Annual Turk-A-Teacher Tradition


Nicholas Rengifo, Writer

Mr. Falcon  was named Cranford High School’s 2022 “Turk a Teacher” which was a perfectly funny send-off right before Thanksgiving break. 

Mr.Vito created this idea years ago “learning about it from a NJ Student Council workshop” and gaining inspiration from other schools. Also, there was a year where the idea was “Tail-A-Teacher” for easter.

For those curious about how the contest is held, feathers are sold in the large cafeteria for $1.00. The feathers act as votes for the student’s chosen teacher that is on a preset list of candidates.

The previous year’s winner, Mr. Wagenblast who teaches psychology and AP psychology, shares his  experience as 2020’s turkey teacher. 

Dialogue Staff:

“Why did you decide to volunteer for the Turk a Teacher event?”

Mr. Wagenblast:

“I honestly didn’t know I had to wear a costume. The reason I joined was because many of students came up asking me if I was going to sign up for Turk a Teacher. I was shocked as I learned that I would dress up as a human turkey for the day.”

Dialogue Staff:

“How does the costume feel to wear? Too big? Too small? Itchy?”

Mr. Wagenblast:

“Oh it was way too small. These aren’t for people are 6’4. I’m a lanky guy too so the costume was really baggy. I had to sew the top of the costume open because the top was held by a safety pin.”

Dialogue Staff:

“If you had a dollar to buy a feather for any teacher within this school, who would you use that vote for?”

Mr. Wagenblast

I don’t know who is in it this year, but I would go with Mr. Femminello. This is because he was one of my students. Now, he should follow my path of becoming a turkey.”