A Tribute to Past Legends


Lila Fernandez, Writer

As the new winter season begins, many fail to acknowledge those who came before them. The Cranford High School (CHS) Hall of Fame inducts remarkable athletes who made a name for themselves within Cranford. With each passing year, a new set of ambitious students enter CHS while another group leaves to accomplish their personal goals. Some, however, leave a lasting impression on the school and become inducted into the Cranford High School Hall of Fame.

 Day after day, students stroll past the dedicated wall for Hall of Fame inductees without a second thought, likely unaware that people on that wall have created a legacy on Cranford sports. Jessica Dreyer, 1994 graduate, achieved local fame from her outstanding basketball performance while also participating in softball and field hockey in other seasons. Dreyer accomplished unimaginable records throughout her basketball career including the record for the most points; 1399, most rebounds; 756, most steals; 275, and most blocks; 150. With impressive records and numerous state titles, she earned her jersey a spot on the Martin Gymnasium wall for her impeccable performances. During her time at CHS, she was an all star athlete and forever changed the goal for future Cranford girls basketball: Beat. Her. Records. 

 Basketball, however, is not the only sport to have remarkable athletes. 2006 CHS graduate, Pat Hogan, was inducted into the wrestling hall of fame just one year after his graduation. He achieved many acclaimed successes in his high school career such as  ranking 10th in the U.S. for his weight, or being New Jersey State Champion in 2006. 

These few all-stars are not alone, for they are accompanied by many others who achieved greatness just like them. They are honored not only to acknowledge their achievements, but to show students they can attain their goals through persistence and faith. As you begin your winter sports season, strive to be your best, and one day, maybe you will join the CHS Hall of Fame alongside Cranford legends.