Dance Academy Winter Showcase a Hit!

Claire Ficarro, Writer

On December 8, Cranford High School’s Dance Academy performed their annual winter showcase at Orange Avenue Middle School. 

The Dance Academy’s Ms. Donahue choreographed the Dance 2/3/4 Ensemble’s opening performance, as well as the performances of the Elements of Dance Ensemble, the Dance Club Ensemble, the Dance 1 Ensemble, and the stunning “Jingle Bells” finale.  

Additionally students choreographed the following duets . Zoe Freitas choreographed for Darby Canedo and Sienna Griffin, Sophia Santomauro choreographed for herself and Claire Ficarro, and Ellie Semple and Eva Barta choreographed for Ellie and Hannah Semple. In addition, Zoe Freitas and Bianca Romero, Brianna and Sabrina Noll, and Mikayla Keirstead and Brianna Noll, all choreographed and performed their own duets. 

Additional performances included a tap dance choreographed by Sophia Santomauro and performed by Ani Azcue, Adrianna Pizzuta, Sophia Santomauro, Colleen Webb, and Rachel Westervelt. As well as a duet performed by Shane Hamblin and Sasha Shectman, and solos choreographed and performed by Abigail Sassi and Rachel Westervelt. 

Just before the finale, Ms. Donahue announced the 2022 inductees into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts. Brianna Noll, Mikayla Keirstead, Abigail Sassi, and Lindsey Stevens were inducted and recognized for their outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement. They earned their induction by participating in dance classes and performances, and through service hours and grade point average.