Cranford Board of Education Welcomes New Members


Rachel Westervelt, Writer

Monday, January 9, the Cranford Board of Education commemorated the new year by swearing in its newly-elected members, Susan Shaw and Jessica Soltys. Brett Dreyer and Patrick Lynch were also reelected. Dreyer received the highest percentage of votes with 28.39% while Shaw followed closely behind with 27.72%. 

The new members were joined by their families and friends as they took their seats at the board table for the first time, following their election in November 2022, where they were congratulated by the newly-elected mayor, Brian Andrews. In recognition of the event, Jennifer Osborne, the Board Attorney, reviewed the Board Code of Ethics, which must be signed by all members to ensure a safe and organized environment for educational and personal discussion. The Code of Ethics ensures the protection of confidential student information and the elimination of the bias of members in board votes.

Fulfilling their new role, the freshly sworn-in members discussed issues including new camera systems to be installed and the possibility of increasing AED availability in the schools.