Enter the Prologue Writing Competition!


Claire Ficarro, Writer

Do you want to show off your creativity? Do you like coffee? Enter the Prologue’s Writing Competition for a chance to win a $15 Starbucks gift card!

The Prologue is Cranford High School’s literary arts magazine published at the end of May  each year. It is composed of the submitted works of students, exhibiting the variety of skills here at Cranford High School. 

To participate in the writing competition submit a poem, short story, or comic of your creation with a focus on Women’s History Month. A winner will be chosen from the submitted works to win the gift card. However, everyone will have a chance to have their work displayed, as entering will give the Prologue permission to publish your piece in the magazine. Submissions can be uploaded through the QR code on the flyer found around the school, and must be in by March 24th. Demonstrate your talents and join the competition! 

Those who are interested in having their works published, but don’t want to enter this competition, may submit to the Prologue by emailing or dropping them off to Ms. Szeluga in the library, or by scanning the QR codes in the hallways and English classrooms. These submissions do not have to fit any theme nor be in by the aforementioned deadline. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your work published!

Winner will be announced on April 5th.