Where’s My Water: CHS’s Best and Worst Water Fountains


Christopher Uglialoro, Writer

Whether you’re sweating off a personal record in the weight room, panting after an intense pillow polo match, or just plain parched, we all need water. However, our reusable flasks aren’t bottomless. Thankfully, Cranford High School is home to numerous bottle-filling stations throughout the hallways. Depending on which fountain you use, the water can either refresh your palate or leave a warm, metallic taste in your mouth. So, which water fountain is the best, and worst, option? 

Fortunately for you, I consider myself a water connoisseur! As an athlete and singer in the high school, I am a loyal patron of its many water fountains. In my time roaming the hallways, I sampled each water spout available in CHS and ranked the best and worst considering these three factors: 


    • Temperature: Water should be cold and crisp, a perfect refreshment to cool one down when needed. 
  • Accessibility/Location: No matter how refreshing, no student is willing to trek four flights of stairs to get the best water. The fountain must be easily accessible and in a common passing area. 
  • Water Pressure: Nobody likes getting their mouth too close to the spout in an effort to catch its sad dribble. Make sure to use a fountain that provides a steady stream of water!


Honorable Mention: Lower Gym Water Fountain

While debating my rankings, other students consistently pestered me, praising the bottle-filling station next to the lower gym. In fairness, this fountain does provide the school’s coldest water. Not only is it refreshing, but it is located right next to the weight room! Students leaving said class are especially thirsty thanks to their workout. However, the fountain is not easily accessible to other students. Few classes are present in that wing of the school, and many people are unaware of its existence. Therefore, the lower gym water fountain landed just outside of the number one spot. My dearest apologies to all lower gym water enthusiasts. 


Dead Last: Main Office Water Fountain

One could assume that our administrators would prefer to have cold and purified water right outside their door. However, the main office fountain suggests that Mr. Sorrentino prefers lukewarm dribble! Landing dead last on my list is the aforementioned main office bottle-filling station. This location lacks in nearly every category. Its near-viscous water slowly dispenses from the machine, taking around a minute to fill up an everyday bottle. After what feels like hours, your bottle will be brimming with warm water. You don’t need to be a fluid connoisseur, like me, to catch its metallic taste. Even if your class is near this fountain, I recommend avoiding it at all costs. 

The Holy Grail: Outside Gender-Neutral Bathroom, 2nd floor

Down the hall from the rotunda, just outside the gender-neutral restroom, is CHS’s oasis. This water fountain is equidistant from most classes on the second floor, and close enough to the upper gym to quench any athlete’s thirst! The fountain provides a steady stream of crisp water, second only in temperature to the lower gym fountain. This fountain’s ideal location, temperature, and pressure earned it the spot atop my list! Thus, unless it requires an arduous hike, I recommend you use the water fountain just outside the gender-neutral bathroom!


Everyone has their preferences. Perhaps you do like warm water with a hint of copper. If so, at least my ranking pointed you in the right direction! Nonetheless, I attempted to consider my peer’s opinions in this piece, not just my own. So, whether you’re an upcoming freshman or a CHS veteran, I hope this article guided you to your preferred fountain!