Craft in Cranford


Cassidi Weaver and Sam Sciffl

In December 2022, nineteen-year-old college student Kamily Flores took a leap of faith and opened up a small business in our very own downtown Cranford. Craft–a protein shake store–offers a variety of protein shake flavors and various types of tea. Since opening her business, Flores has expanded her menu to include waffles and donuts, and has plans to enter the acai bowl business. Additionally, the Pinterest lover has her very own merch for the store, especially after being inspired by Rhode Island’s “Nitro Bar” TikTok account. 

We met with Flores a few weeks ago and she revealed the decision to name her business Craft, “I felt like I was skillful at making drinks because I have been doing it for so long that I wanted to do it. And also the little thing that we have–crafted with care–you make something with love you make something with time, so that is basically with all our drinks”  

Being a business owner, Flores greatly enjoys how different her life is as well as the freedom she has. The reactions she gets after telling people that she owns a cafe is one of her favorite things, as well as being in control of her store, explaining, “your business is your baby. Whatever you want you can add.” With this in mind, Flores does everything she can to get her business out there by regularly posting on Instagram and TikTok.

While self-taught, this business major dedicated hours to research for the perfect menu for all. Flores stated “We just make sure that what we have is lactose, peanut,gluten-free and it is Kosher…we don’t want [people] to be excluded and not [be able] to have one of our drinks”

Not only is her menu inclusive for all dietary needs, every option is a perfectly delicious addition to anyone’s day. Flores tends to favor Reese’s Pieces, Mint Choco, or the Bahama Mama Tea. However, the Jolly Rancher Iced Tea must be mentioned, as it is just a burst of flavor that truly resembles that of the Jolly Rancher candy, but filled to the brim with healthy ingredients. The Pecan Cinnabon is also a fan favorite. Comforting and splendiferous; if there was a contest for the perfect drink this shake would be a major contender.

Influenced by a college discussion, Flores saved up her money and opened Craft. “I’m not a spender, I’m very conscious with my money,” Flores explained while discussing how she was able to afford to open up this shop. This college student saved all her money from anywhere she could, working at her parent’s business and IHOP, her refund checks from college, and finally taking out a loan.

Growing up in Elizabeth N.J. Flores recalled visiting her godmother in Cranford during her childhood and loving the small town feel that it had to offer. While looking for a location, Flores kept the small town of Cranford in mind. She was sure that she wanted a downtown with a similar Gilmore Girls small town vibe, and when 38 North Avenue became available, she knew it was the right place for her business. Flores appreciates the tight-knit community of Cranford and the support that has come with opening Craft, exclaiming that “people in Cranford are just so supportive of their young people.”

While wrapping up our interview, we asked Flores to give some advice for anyone who is thinking about creating a small business: “I see how much they care about supporting any cause that you guys do, so if you guys have an idea and want to start a business… you can definitely turn to the people in your community.”