Cranford High School Welcomes a Podcast Club


Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

Cassidi Weaver, Writer

Last fall, the Dr. Deborah Cannon Partridge Wolfe Library gained a new addition, the podcast studio. Funded, in part, by the Cranford Fund for Education Excellence, the podcast studio has become a hit at Cranford High School with some students even asking about a club dedicated to creating podcasts. In February 2023, Ms. Szeluga officially became the advisor for the brand new Podcast club, with a growing member count. 

The podcast club consists of several different opportunities for all students: script writing, editing, producing, and hosting. Script writers and editors work behind the scenes, doing all the magic that goes into creating the recording. Pre-production of recording an episode requires the diligent work of the script writers. The club’s writers are required to do thorough and reliable research of the given topic. From there, the script writers must work on placing the research via bullet points on a document for the host to utilize. Moving to post-production, the editor’s job is to touch up the recorded episode such as cutting out certain areas and cleaning up the quality. The production of the podcast episode requires producers and hosts. The host(s) of the podcast episode are the most known jobs, as their voices are the ones on the recording discussing that topic. The producers may add a comment here and there during the episode, but mainly the producer is in charge of the sound box. The sound box controls all the volumes of the audio of the microphones used during the recording of the podcast episode. Every position in the creation of an episode is important and vital to the success of a podcast. 

Currently, the podcast club is in the works of editing their first episode — a podcast dedicated specifically to the discussion of the podcast club and the topic of podcasts. The opportunities for podcasts are endless in this club with members’ interest ranging in a variety of topics such as sports, debates, and literature.  

The CHS podcast club welcomes and encourages students to join and work on any positions the CHS Podcast club. The club utilizes the Remind app and google classroom to send messages and plan meetings. To join the club the google classroom code is ga7gex4 and the Remind code is @podchs.