Declutter and Prepare for Spring!

Violette Zavadsky, Writer

With flowers blossoming and school coming to a close, the new season marks the start of a well-known tradition: spring cleaning. Dating back thousands of years, spring cleaning appeals to those crawling out of their winter shells to embrace the longer spring days. The dreary winter may feel all-consuming to some; having to spend the days inside can leave your bedroom or house disheveled. However, according to Mather Hospital, spring cleaning can bring about improved moods, sleep, and productivity while simultaneously contributing to a cleaner space. With more daylight,  people are finally ready, maybe even eager, to rid their houses of unwanted objects and grime. While cleaning an entire house may seem daunting, here are some simple ideas that you can easily accomplish: 


  • Throw out or donate old clothes
  • Declutter your desk
  • Reorganize your junk drawer
  • Throw out expired foods, medicine, or cosmetics
  • Wash your throw pillows and blankets
  • Disinfect your keyboards or mouses


  • Clean your car
  • Organize your fridge 
  • Clean out your backpack
  • Put away winter clothes you won’t need
  • Clean your curtains
  • Change your pillowcase 
  • Sanitize your phone


While these may seem like simple tasks, completing any one of these can kick start your spring-cleaning journey!