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Mr. Sorrentino’s “Villain Origin Story!” Why Can’t CHS Students Wear AirPods in School?

Many students at CHS are familiar with our staff and the rules that they expect us to follow. On a daily basis, our Vice Principal, Mr. Sorrentino has to address students to remove their “ear pods” from their ears while in the school building. Students have the tendency to huff and puff about this rule without ever understanding what the motive is. Why can’t we wear our “ear pods?” 

Students Carissa Pecoraro and Adrianna Pizzuta set up an interview with Mr. Sorrentino to get to the bottom of this mystery. Mr. Sorrentino reveals that he believes that wearing “ear pods” in the classroom, without permission, is disrespectful to teachers and takes away from instructional time. However, why can’t students wear their AirPods during lunch? Mr. Sorrentino argues, “Would you wear earpods when out to dinner with your family?” He shares that his moral belief is when students are interacting with their peers, they should be engaged in one another. There’s a time and place for “ear pods” and the lunch room isn’t it. He suggests going to the library or wellness room if you want to wear them. 

When did this all start? When did this become a problem? Mr. Sorrentino shares the first incident that he could recall. It was years ago, about a student (that will remain nameless), wearing “ear pods” in the halls and refusing to remove them once asked! He then continues the story by detailing the conversation he had with the student and how parents had to get involved. Mr. Sorrentino claims that a quick reminder occasionally is alright, however the resistance to follow direction is not. This student refused and that’s why parents had to get involved. Don’t be that person!

Mr. Sorrentino was asked if he wears “ear pods”  himself and he responded by saying that he does, when exercising or at another appropriate time when he is alone (or whenever his daughter can help him connect them to his phone!) He finds it difficult to work with them. He explains that he has noticed he is one of the only people at the gym who continues to wear wired “earphones” and he enjoys it- maybe we should take a note from Mr. S’s ways! During this question he emphasized that he isn’t wearing them in CHS or while interacting with other people. He believes we all should do the same. 

           Mr. Sorrentino continues in the interview explaining how on average he asks about 20-30 students per day to remove their “ear pods.” He reiterates saying that it is the disrespect that gets the students in trouble, not the “ear pods” itself. He respects and appreciates the students that willingly remove their “ear pods” and will gladly talk with the students about why he enforces his rule. Continuing, he states that when students roll their eyes or disrespect him or his authority, that is when the issue begins.

         So now when you hear that loud yell in the hallway, or the blaring megaphone at lunch, just know that it isn’t just because of an “old fashioned tradition,” but instead it is because of the investment Mr. Sorrentino has in his students education, social life, and growth. There you have it CHS, Mr. Sorrentino’s “villain origin story” about how the “ear pod” frenzy all began.

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