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The Best Show YOU’RE Not Watching

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After a three-year wait, Invincible is flying back onto Amazon Prime for the premiere of its sophomore season on November 3rd. Invincible follows Mark Grayson, son of the world’s strongest superhero, Omni-Man, as he develops similar powers. Mark adopts the alter-ego of Invincible and struggles to maintain a social life while living up to his father’s gold standard. As the season progresses, Omni-Man’s sinister actions force Mark to clash with his father’s true intentions. 

In today’s world, superheroes dominate pop culture. The foremost producers of superhero media, Marvel and DC, churn out content almost non-stop. Yet, many people complain that these corporate giants value quantity over quality. The bulk of frustration lies with the overuse of tropes; fans criticize how new stories reuse cookie-cutter plots. Viewers struggle to relate with an untouched hero repeatedly swooping in to save the day. 

However, since its comic-book inception and continuing into its animated run, Invincible strives to journey beyond the tropes that consumers have come to dread. It is a refreshing change of pace for all TV fans, not just superhero enthusiasts! Here’s why Invincible is the palate cleanser you’re missing out on. 

Invincible subverts expectations at every turn. Animated in the classic “Saturday morning” cartoon style, the violence present within the show will make any watcher unsteady. Viewers are not accustomed to seeing the gory repercussions of superpowered punches in this nostalgic, friendly style. The artistic direction rips viewers from their comfort zone immediately. 

In addition, the animation is not solely responsible for Invincible’s shock value. In spoiler-free terms, episode one (“It’s About Time”) is designed to be a trap. Invincible disguises itself as a cliche teenage superhero story to lure the viewers into a false sense of security. Then, suddenly, the pilot’s final five minutes challenge everything you’ve just seen. This twist leaves the audience grasping for answers, horrified by the sudden tone shift. You won’t be able to resist switching on episode two!

Another factor that lifts Invincible above other TV shows is the stake it places in its characters. Be honest, when was the last time you actually feared for your protagonist’s life? Viewers have come to take their heroes’ safety as a given. This distances any character from the audience; when victory is a guarantee, why should fans care? Invincible, continuing to defy genre-norms, rips this safety blanket off the audience. Despite his name, Invincible is brutalized in his heroic battles. Even in his victories, Mark Grayson’s life is seriously threatened. This gives the audience a greater investment in the series’s titular character. 

Furthermore, Invincible is an overwhelmingly human story. Despite his superhuman abilities, an everyday person can relate with Mark’s struggles. Invincible does battle supervillains, but he also grapples with bad grades, attendance issues, and girl problems. Every high school and college student understands these matters. Moreover, Invincible pits Mark against deep, emotional conflicts that audiences can relate to on a far more personal level. For instance, as the son of the world’s greatest hero, Mark feels crushed by the weight of expectations. Mark wonders how he could possibly live up to his father’s legacy. Many people experience this pressure, whether it be from teachers, coaches, or parents. Invincible is easy to support because, despite his ability to fly, he remains grounded in humanity. 

With season two just on the horizon, Invincible is the perfect candidate for your next binge-watching marathon! The dynamic animation, relatable characters, and high stakes are sure to make this show a newfound favorite. Invincible tells an inspiring human story of persistence that you must not miss out on! Be sure to catch Mark Grayson’s next adventure on November 3rd!

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