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Farewell, CHS


To the students that read this, soon enough you will be in the same position I’m in: preparing to abandon what was familiar for the first eighteen years of my life. 

I don’t say that to scare you, but to inform you of what’s to come. And maybe motivate you all to get through the year(s). 

The little wisdom I have to impart on you is not original. My friend told me this off-handedly during lunch in the cafeteria this year and it’s stuck with me ever since: when something embarrassing, something upsetting, something you want to forget happens to you, ask yourself, “Will this matter in five years?” 

Chances are, the answer is a resounding no. And, in many cases, that moment will fade away in five months or five weeks. Your time is better spent not ruminating over past mistakes and blunders. In full transparency, I say that to you because I’m still trying to believe it myself. 

Secondly, take every opportunity you can take on. Many of you in Dialogue already subscribe to that notion. You are all incredibly unique, bright, and dedicated students. I feel honored to have had the pleasure of reading through all of your work. Thank you for your commitment to submitting any number of articles this year despite taking rigorous classes. I hope you continue to write just to write.

Violette and Mr. Ciarrocca, thank you so much for uploading everyone’s articles onto our site for posterity. I appreciate all the work that you’ve done to ensure that our voices are heard inside and outside of CHS. 

Mr. Cummo, I can already tell that our club is going to drastically change for the better under your direction. I am sad that I won’t be here next year to see what this club becomes, but I know it’s in good hands, especially with you here now. 

And finally, none of this would be possible without Ms. Szeluga. This goodbye is doubly poignant and bittersweet, and, arguably, the hardest. You led two of the clubs that I was invested the most in, GEA and Dialogue, and I am going to miss you so, so much, as an advisor, confidant, resource, and friend. I doubt I could’ve filled my shoes as a leader of either club without you to push me. 

I wish you all the best of luck next year. When it’s your time to say goodbye to CHS, I know that you’ll be ready for whatever challenges you encounter next. 

You’re going to do great things. 

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