CHS Performing Arts Visits Cranford Middle Schools


Izzy Aslin, Writer

On Tuesday, November 22nd, the Cranford High School performing arts went on a field trip to Cranford’s middle schools to perform for seventh and eighth graders of Orange Avenue School and Hillside Avenue School. Although this field trip was a staple of the performing arts schedule in the past, this is the first time since autumn of 2019 that the whole performing arts were invited to perform. This trip is done to show the students who will be entering the high school the joy of performing and participating in the activities of the performing arts community. 


Similar to the Gala, which occurred in October, this performance was a culmination of the efforts of the performing arts students over the last few months. Hours upon hours of work, both in and out of school, have allowed the students to perform for the Cranford community. This tour was one of the last performances for all of the performing arts for their winter showcase; for the marching band, it was their last performance of the field show Nevermore. When asked, band director Mr. Chernosky said that he has mixed feelings about this performance being the last. The band will now focus on concert music for their upcoming winter concert, but that means that Nevermore will be a show of the past.

There will be multiple performances and showcases by the performing arts throughout the month of December and into January. Early in December are the Winter Dance Showcase, which will be on December 8th, and the Winter Acting Showcase, which will be held on December 15th. The Winter Choral and Orchestral Concert will be December 20th, and the Winter Band Concert will be January 12th. For more information on these performances, ask  Mr. Chernosky, Mr. Rafaniello, Ms. Donahue or Mr. McQuade, or check the Cranford High School Website.