Cranford Welcomes the Holiday Season


Rachel Westervelt, Writer

With full stomachs and even fuller hearts, when Thanksgiving ends, the celebration has just begun here in Cranford. The crisp fall morning does not start with Black Friday shopping. Instead, local Girl Scouts meet at the Christmas tree in the center of town with homemade ornaments to adorn its branches. The girls and their leaders enjoy styrofoam cups of hot chocolate while the local Boy Scouts sell Christmas wreaths and grave covers across the street in front of the Presbyterian Church. 

However, Cranford’s tradition of welcoming in the holiday season does not end there. That night, young families bundle up for their own hot chocolate and a visit from the one and only Santa on one of Cranford’s own firetrucks. Santa arrives with blaring sirens to light the tree and share pictures with the crowds of smiling children, reaching out to get a high five from their holiday hero. And what better way to welcome Santa than with some seasonal carols sung by the Cranford High School Choir? 

Following the event, families are welcomed into the many local restaurants, decked out in the coziest holiday decorations. There is little more joyous than kicking off the Christmas season in Cranford.