CHS Open Mic Night A Success!


Photo by Redd F on Unsplash

Claire Ficarro, Writer

On January 20th, Cranford High School hosted an open mic night in the library to showcase students’ talents. Between the cozy setting and the drink and dessert table, the night emulated a true art display at a local coffee shop. 

The night’s MC, Shane Hamblin, guided the audience through the two set show that consisted primarily of soloists. Alexa Chen, Ellie Dillon, and Hope Williams each performed a song. Sasha Shectman, Claire Ficarro, Karina Kilbashian, Mia Rossetti, Owen Usinowicz, and Lillian Kelly also sang while playing their own instruments. Additional performances included a duet between Lillian Kelly and Sasha Shectman, and a group song from CHS’s female acapella group, West End Blend. 

But there was more to this showcase than music, as Kieran Geraghty showed off a comedy routine, Adrianna Pizzuta performed a monologue, and the Kneeslappers, a duet consisting of Mackenzie Mannix and Adrianna Pizzuta, had multiple comedy interviews throughout the night that climaxed with a Dance Moms style pyramid ranking their volunteers. 

Overall, CHS’s open mic night was a success and a great opportunity to show off the students’ skills!