Interview: CHS Hockey’s Patrick Gosselin


Gosselin begins to “rip a mean celly” after scoring a goal against futile effort from the MKA goalie. 

Dylan Falk, Writer

Q: Best moment this season?


A: Beating Frisch last game of the regular season to clinch first place for playoffs in our division. 


Q: Favorite shot?


A: One timer on the power play.


Q: The team underwent a coaching change for this season. Would you consider his acclimation a success, and how do you hope the team can enhance that relationship next season?


A: We all miss Coach O [Cranford hockey’s prior coach], but Coach Mandel has definitely exceeded expectations in his first season finishing first in the division. Nobody knew what to expect coming into this season but Coach Mandel fit right in and everyone looks forward to putting in work in his gym this offseason. 


Q: The team was able to bounce back after an unfortunate loss in the county tournament and defeat a strong opponent in West Essex, who/what can you attribute that comeback to?


A: You definitely can’t give just one person credit for the [West Essex] game as Matteo had four goals, Pitts had a few clutch breakaway saves, and Devaney, Coakley, and Lynch kept pressure up the entire game. 


Q: The seniors have definitely had a huge impact on your life, both on-ice and off. Is there anything they passed on to you that you will be sure to pass on in your senior season?


A: Definitely just the mindset of taking nothing for granted. We obviously saw that in the county tournament and in the semifinals of the Kelly Cup. The team next year needs to stop playing down to inferior opponents and play the same game no matter who the opponent is. 


Q: How does suffering an early loss in the state tournament to end your season motivate you and the team to achieve more and reach further in the tournament?


A: Just the feeling of not being able to play any more hockey until next November makes everyone not want to ever feel that again and hopefully we can make the season last longer next year. 


Q: I understand the team had an intersquad practice to celebrate the season. How does something like that affect team chemistry?


A: It gives all the boys one last chance to be competitive against each other. Obviously we all want each other to succeed but that last thing we want is to lose to one of our teammates.