CHS Performing Arts Opening Gala 2022


Sophia Edwards, Writer

Students who participate in the performing arts department (acting, choir, dance, band, and orchestra) all came together on October 13, 2022 to perform and share their talent for the Cranford High School Performing Arts Opening Gala at UCPAC (Union County Performing Arts Center). Students grades 9-12 part of the groups mentioned formerly all had the opportunity to showcase their musical and performance skills in front of friends, family, and the community.

Isabella Aslin, member of the band and flute player, says she “find[s] playing [her] instrument to be an enjoyable experience and the fact that [playing the flute] can bring joy or excitement to others [. . .] make[s] [her] feel happy to be part of the band.” The performing arts are a vital part of the high school and community as it brings everyone together to experience the talent and creativity of young adults. 

Aslin also acknowledges that participating in the performing arts “has improved [her] collaboration skills [and ability] to work with others to create the best possible outcome.” Similar to players on a football team, members of a band or thespians in a play must learn to work as a team and strive towards a successful performance (just never tell a football player to break a leg!). 

Orchestra participant, Ana McCabe, adds that the performing arts can be an outlet for students to “express themselves and relieve stress.” McCabe shares that orchestra is the most relaxing part of her day at school; balance is key especially for those in high-stress advanced classes. 

Although the CHS auditorium is still under construction, the show must go on! Look out for the dance, acting, orchestra, and band showcases coming up, and the fall play adaptation of the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” November 4 & 5 at 7:30 pm at the Trinity Episcopal Church downtown.